Mini Seis III™

The Mini-Seis III™ is our next generation seismograph.  With this instrument we move into a higher level of engineering vibration monitoring.  While still well suited for blast vibration monitoring, the Mini-Seis III™ is readily adaptable to many other monitoring situations.  Especially continuous vibration where histogram and waveform data can be combined. 

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The Mini-Seis III supports USB for data transfer to a computer and thumb drive.  It has over 500 MB of memory and can store over 2000 waveform records.  It has an easy-to-read display and is designed for low power.

Features of Note
Sampling rates from 1024, 2048, 4096 and 16384 over 4 channels
Waveform duration from 1 to 120 seconds at rates of 1024 to 4096, 1 to 7 seconds at 16384
Selectable 16 or 12 bit resolution when retrieving data
Memory storage for over two thousand waveform and histogram records
Direct data retrieval via USB and/or USB thumb drive
Serial baud rates up to 230400
Remote access with approved cellular modem
Waveform, Histogram, Histogram/Waveform and Manual operating modes
Special sensitivity options
A weighted sound option

Downhole Sensor Package

We offer a downhole sensor package for special needs.  The package is sealed and is designed to fit inside a standard PVC pipe for easy installation.  The electronics are kept in a separate container.

Dscn0598 (Downhole Package) Web


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