Additional Alpha-Blast V11 Images

Select SignaturesShows the Select Signatures form.  Signature time histories were added to the database and a signature was selected for use.  The velocity units are in mm/s.
Edit Signature WaveformShows the selected signature waveform after it has been windowed for use.
Edit Signature FFTShows the FFT of the signature waveform. The time history and FFT are on the same form.
Evaluate Delays
The Evaluate Delays form is used to supply the pattern design and the range of delays to evaluate.  The process is vey easy to do.
Delay Effect Results 1This grid lists the first few results obtained by filtering the data to only show results with a dominant FFT frequency of at least 20 Hz. Then the data were sorted by the peak velocity to find the delay combination with the lowest peak. The best delay combination was 40 milliseconds between holes and 53 milliseconds between rows.
The particle velocity units are in mm/s.
Dynamic SimulationThis shows the simulation of the 40 x 53 delay combination. The simulation can be dynamically modified by changing the delay values as desired.
StatisticsIf production blast vibration data are supplied, the program can statistically analyze the data and provide a regression analysis.
These images illustrate only a few of the features of the Alpha-Blast program.  The program can also display 3D particle velocity and frequency graphs.  The spatial distribution of holes, propagation velocity and amplitude decay can also be evaluated.
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