Alpha-Blast™ Signature Analysis and Vibration Simulation Software Version 12

White was the first company to offer a commercially available program for analyzing the probable effects of blast timing on amplitude and frequency. If you use or test electronic detonators, the Alpha-Blast™ program could be the most important software package you have. As detonation times become more accurate, it will be necessary to have sophisticated software that will help determine the best delay designs to achieve the desired results involving vibration control.
Alpha-Blast™ proved to be effective with pyrotechnic detonators for many years.  With the advent of electronic detonators the program has involved into a necessary addition in order to help optimize the use of these products.
Alpha-Blast™ V12 once again proves why it is the world leader in signature analysis software.  V12 includes support for datafrom both White seismographs and other brands.  Alpha-Blast™ V12 is a stand-alone software package.  An authorization and yearly license code is required.  Contact White or an authorized reseller to receive a quote or purchase Alpha-Blast™ V12.

Alpha-Blast™ V12 Features

  • Direct support for data from White seismographs and text files from other seismographs.
  • The analysis results can be easily sorted and filtered.Filter results for specific parameters to help find optimal timing combinations.
  • Supply advanced parameters like propagation velocity, amplitude decay rate and explosives loading.
  • Evaluate designs with multiple rows and variable holes per row.  Decks may also be evaluated.
  • Animate a simulation, showing the design layout and the vibration simulation as each charge detonates.
  • Save a simulation as an image in a selectable format.
  • Save a simulation in a file format that can be analyzed by Seismograph Data Analysis V12.
  • Show the number of charges per a specified millisecond interval for each timing scenario.
  • Simulate from information imported from a text file.
  • Deconstruct a production blast to a signature waveform given precise arrival times and other data.


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