AutoReceive™ is a software package for handling automatic reporting data.  The software monitors a TCP port on your company static IP in order to receive and process reported data.  In order to use AutoReceive™, the following items are needed.

  • A Mini-Seis™ or Mini-Seis III™ seismograph setup to automatically report.
  • A cellular modem or other remote access device that supports data forwarding through a serial connection.
  • A static IP address at the receiving location.
  • The specified port must be open at the firewall on the receiving location.

When properly configured the automatic reporting process is as follows:

  1. The seismograph triggers to an event.
  2. An identification string is sent through the seismograph's serial port.
  3. The attached remote access device forwards the string to a port at the receiving location.
  4. The firewall at the receiving location forwards the string to the computer running AutoReceive™.
  5. The AutoReceive™ program processes the data and sends SMS and/or email notifications if the data satisfy user-specified setup parmeters.

Alternatively, we can host the process through our Automatic Reporting Service™.




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