Compu-Blast™ V9 Design and Timing Analysis

The Compu-Blast™ V9 software aids in the layout of blast patterns and the calculation of timing.  A sample features list includes the following:

  • Layout designs with thousands of holes and a variable number of decks per hole.
  • Each hole can have a different diameter, depth and number of decks.
  • Variable row spacing.
  • Number holes in any manner.
  • Set a custom coodinate system.
  • Load holes with as many explosives per deck as needed.
  • Associate a blasting log with each design.
  • Animate the firing times from the Design Window.
  • Draw or remove holes and lines of holes with ease.
  • Move and copy lines of holes.
  • Copy data from any hole to a line of holes.
  • Import design data from a delimited text file or from a Compu-Blast V8 file.
  • Designs are conveniently stored in a single database.
  • Produce numerous design and timing reports.
  • Save design times for use with the Alpha-Blast program in order to produce vibration simulations based on signature waveforms.
  • Regressiion analysis from vibration data supplied in blasting logs.



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