Seismograph Data Analysis™ V12

This software is free for use with White seismograph data.  No dongles or complicated licensing agreements are required.  Version 12 was developed on the Microsoft .Net framework and is 100% compatible with all currently supported Windows opreating systems.  The software is self-updating so you will always have the latest version (requires an active internet connection).  V12 supports data from the Mini-Seis™ and Mini-Seis III™ seismographs.

The below list of features is by no means all inclusive.  This is just a representative sample of the program's capabilities.

Basic Features

  • Analyze Mini-Seis and Mini-Seis III wave form, bar graph and histogram data.
  • Improved local and remote communication.
  • Advanced communication for setup and additional data access.
  • Specify channel colors and orders.
  • Size and position a company logo on reports.
  • Faster record loading for review and analysis.
  • Easily review and select multiple records for processing.
  • FFT (fast Fourier transform) frequency analysis.
  • Velocity/frequency curves analysis.
  • PDF images of reports.
  • Improved regression analysis.
  • Selectable U. S. or metric units.
  • PDF help system.

Advanced Features

  • Find records that satisfy search criteria.
  • Compare two wave forms.
  • Convert velocity wave form to displacement or acceleration wave form.
  • Response spectra and response wave form analyses.
  • High pass, low pass or band pass filter wave forms.
  • Export analyzed data to a text file.


Support Request

Support link currently not available. We are fixing a spam issue and should have it fixed soon.


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