White Industrial Seismology Services

Seismograph Calibration & Repair

Please use our RMA system to let us know you are sending in seismographs for calibration or repair.  If you need an estimated turn around time, please contact repair@whiteseis.com.

We maintain a complete seismic and acoustic calibration system.  Our calibration service has the following benefits:

  • We strive for a factory calibration accuracy of 1% to 2% . ISEE seismograph performance specifications only require 5% accuracy.
  • A calibration certification will be provided showing the response at various frequencies.
  • Cables, connectors and components are thoroughly checked and cleaned.
  • The internal battery(s) are charged and tested.
  • Instrument setup parameters are reviewed.
  • Required firmware upgrades are installed.
  • We have the ability to perform all repairs at a reasonable cost.

When sending in units for repair please include just the instrument, tri-axial ground motion package and microphone.  We will not be responsible for the return of any other peripheral items, downloading cable, spikes, etc.

Vibration Monitoring

Whether your project requires one or several seismographs, White Industrial Seismology, Inc. can meet the demand. We have provided site monitoring services for all forms of projects including blasting, construction, demolition and many others.  In addition, for a low fixed monthly fee, we can develop a continuous monitoring program with remote access.

With continuous 24/7 monitoring we supply a security enclosure with solar power and a remote access option.  The security enclosure is specially modified for use with our seismographs.  Since external power if often needed, we also supply a solar panel with sufficient capacity for the desired setup.  Remote access options include a cellular modem or satellite modem.  Remote access allows you to easily retrieve your data while never having to leave the office.

Automatic Reporting Service

With a White seismograph running in waveform mode and a White approved cellular modem, you can take advantage of our Automatic Reporting Service™.  When the seismograph triggers data will be sent to our server.  This data is captured and software will automatically retrieve the data from the seismograph.  The software will then send emails and/or SMS to your specified recipients.  The emails can also include a report image.  The fee is not based on the amount of data, but is a fixed low monthly cost.  Please contact us for more information.

Seismograph Rental

We offer both short and long term seismograph rental programs. Instrument rentals are ideal for short term monitoring projects that do not require the on-site services of one of our technicians. The instruments are very easy to use. Data downloading and analysis software is also provided at no extra cost.

Pre-Blast or Pre-Construction Surveys

Many unwarranted damage claims can be eliminated by the performance of detailed pre-blast surveys. For a relatively small initial cost, expensive damage investigations and potential litigation can be largely avoided with photographic documentation of the pre-existing conditions of structures around a site.

Damage Assessments

Damage assessments are conducted by a professional senior consultant who arrives at a conclusion about damage probability. We have performed these investigations for major insurance carriers, law firms, companies and individuals.

Professional Services

In the event it becomes necessary, data review, pre-trial preparation and expert testimony concerning the effects of vibrations can be provided by our senior consultants. We have the credentials to provide expert testimony in legal forums, permit hearings and public meetings.

Seminars and Training

We offer custom seminars and training sessions relating to our seismographs, software and the monitoring of vibration effects. If you have a need for a seminar, training or both please contact us. 

Support Request

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