Vibration Monitoring

Whether your project requires one or several seismographs, White Industrial Seismology, Inc. can meet the demand. We have provided site monitoring services for all forms of projects including blasting, construction, demolition and many others.  In addition, for a low fixed monthly fee, we can develop a continuous monitoring program with remote access.

With continuous 24/7 monitoring we supply a security enclosure with solar power and a remote access option.  The security enclosure is specially modified for use with our seismographs.  Since external power if often needed, we also supply a solar panel with sufficient capacity for the desired setup.  Remote access options include a cellular modem or satellite modem.  Remote access allows you to easily retrieve your data while never having to leave the office.

The monitoring can be handled completely by us or the customer can purchase the equipment and we can provide the support needed to get up and running quickly.  Our Automatic Reporting Service™ can be used to get immediate notifications of recorded events.


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