Reporting Service

When a White seismograph is connected to an appropriate remote access device, the data can be automatically reported to our office network.  We can then process that data and send email and/or SMS notifications to designated recipients.

When the instrument triggers in waveform mode, or a histogram inactivates, the instrument sends a string of data to the modem which then forwards that data to our network.

The emailed report can include an image with an FFT or curves analysis.  It can also include the raw data so there is no need to manually download the instrument.

White maintains the data securely on our server which is regularly backed up locally and to the cloud.  A customer's data files are readily available on demand.

The Reporting Service cost starts at only $25.00 per month per system.  The systems are available for rental or purchase.  A static IP or dynamic DNS assignment to the modem is required.

PMS Station

Remote Portable Monitoring Service

This system provides data reporting in a portable system.  The system in cludes the following components:

  • Mini-Seis III Pro or Mini-Seis III
  • Water resistant case with external connectors
  • Raven RV50X or other compatible cellular modem
  • Rechargeable battery - AC or DC source
PMS Station
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