Seismograph Accessories

Station Box 4
  • Security Enclosure

    This security enclosure provides protection from the elements.  A complete configuration includes the box, solar panel and voltage regulator.

  • Raven RV50X Cellular Modem

    The RV50X provides low power remote access to seismograph data over cellular.  We can program the modem to work with our seismographs for both inbound and outbound connections.  We also work closely with a Verizon reseller of telemetry data plans.

  • High Gain Directional Antenna

    For use with the RV50X, a high gain directional antenna can vastly improve connectivity in areas with poor signal strength.

Photo 11
  • Water Resistant Case

    These cases protect the seismograph in high moisture environments.  The external connectors allow the data collector to be kept safe and dry.

  • High Pressure Microphone

    We can supply 5 and 10 psi microphones when high pressure measurements are needed.

Geophone Package
  • Special Gain Seismic Sensor

    We can modify the seismic sensitivity for when the standard sensor gain is not sufficient.  

  • Bracket

    A metal bracket is available which allows the transducer to be bolted to rock or other solid environment.

Dscn0598 (Downhole Package)
  • Borehole Package

    This package is designed for use in a borehole.  The sensors are waterproofed inside the casing.  The electronics are kept in a separate housing.  The borehole package will fit in a 7.5 cm (3 in) hole.

IMG_0649 rotated
  • Extension Cable

    Extension cables are ideal for use in tunnels, caves and other projects where the sensor needs to be located at distance from the data collector.  We have made extension cables hundreds of meters and thousands of feet in length.

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