Seismograph Data Analysis™

Seismograph Data Analysis is a very powerful tool for analyzing data from White seismographs.  The software features the ability to communicate with and download data from our seismographs either by local connection or remotely by TCP/IP.  Once records have been downloaded, there are numerous analysis tools.  The following lists a few of the tools.

Load multiple records for review and analysis FFT (amplitude or power) Amplitude and frequency list
Batch print selected records with additional analyses Curves analysis with selectable criteria Curves analysis with selectable criteria
Create a summary list of data from selected records Low pass, high pass, band pass filtering Filter data by peaks
Histogram chart of peaks for multiple records Displacement or acceleration conversion
Combined curves analysis for multiple records Response spectra and waveform
Regression analysis Correct for alignment offset
  • Seismograph Data Analysis V13

    V13 is required to download or analyze data from the Mini-Seis III Pro.  It also supports the Mini-Seis III and the Mini-Seis.  The software features the usual capabilities and analysis routines users expect.  V13 also includes the ability to use Advanced Records.  Advanced records allow the user to apply custom labels, ranges and units to the seismograph channels individually.

  • Seismograph Data Analysis V12

    V12 can be used to download and analyze data from the Mini-Seis III and Mini-Seis.  It will be available for download for a limited time as V13 is becoming established.  Once we feel comfortable that V13 is performing as designed we will remove the download for V12.

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