Alpha-Blast™ Software

  • What is Alpha-Blast?

    Well before the advent of electronic detonators, we saw relationships between blast timing and frequency.  By varying the timing, we could effect a change in the vibration frequency content and the amplitude.  Alpha-Blast was first developed using this concept.  When electronic detonators became readily available, we saw Alpha-Blast rise to its full potential.

    Now there are many more such applications, but we believe that Alpha-Blast was the first commercially available application for the blasting industry.  They all tend to work on the same principle of superposition.  A single hole is detonated which generates a signature waveform which is then used to model the probable effects of timing on a multi-hole blast.

    Alpha-Blast provides the ability to look at the results of thousands of delay combinations.  However, we look at more than just PPV and frequency.  We also look at displacement and a unique concept we call the high to low frequency ratio.  This ratio has proved invaluable to mining operations that want to manipulate their vibrations in order to maintain greater slope angles safely.

    Alpha-Blast also allows the user to dynamically change timing and immediately see the results.  If desired, it can utilize propagation velocity and coordinates to account for spatial distribution in vibration arrival times.  It can also scale the models based on a custom scaling equation.  Pattern designs can be developed quickly and easily.  Custom patterns can be imported.

    While the software will work best with data from our seismographs, it can also work with data from virtually any seismograph.  A trial license is available upon request.

  • Alpha-Blast V13

    Alpha-Blast V13 features the most of the same analysis capabilities of V12, but the user interface has been redesigned to make the software even easier to use.  V13 is a true multiple document interface application.  It allows different analysis windows to be open at the same time and they can easily be selected as needed.  V13 also features a significant improvement in blast pattern design.  V13 uses the same codes as V12.

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Dynamic Simulation - Click to view larger image
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