AutoReceive™ Software

  • In-House Data Reporting

    The same process we use to provide our Reporting Service can be hosted by your organization.  To do this the following will be needed:

    • Your office network will need a static IP or DNS assignment
    • The office network firewall will need to be setup to allow data in from your monitoring stations
    • The White seismograph will need to be connected to a remote access device capable of port forwarding data via TCP to your office network.
    • The remote access device should have a static IP or dynamic DNS assignment
    • The White seismograph will need to be programmed to report data.

    The vast majority of customers elect to use our Reporting Service because it is inexpensive and requires little effort on their part.  However, for those customers who prefer to be more hands on, the AutoReceive software provides that ability.

    AutoReceive VM should be used with the Mini-Seis III Pro or Mini-Seis III. It does not support the Mini-Seis.  V2 supports the Mini-Seis and Mini-Seis III.

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