Other Services

Seismograph Rental

We offer both short and long term seismograph rental programs. Instrument rentals are ideal for short term monitoring projects that do not require the on-site services of one of our technicians. The instruments are very easy to use. Data downloading and analysis software is also provided at no extra cost.

Pre-Blast or Pre-Construction Surveys

Many unwarranted damage claims can be eliminated by the performance of detailed pre-blast surveys. For a relatively small initial cost, expensive damage investigations and potential litigation can be largely avoided with photographic documentation of the pre-existing conditions of structures around a site.

Damage Assessments

Damage assessments are conducted by a professional senior consultant who arrives at a conclusion about damage probability. We have performed these investigations for major insurance carriers, law firms, companies and individuals.

Professional Services

In the event it becomes necessary, data review, pre-trial preparation and expert testimony concerning the effects of vibrations can be provided by our senior consultants. We have the credentials to provide expert testimony in legal forums, permit hearings and public meetings.

Seminars and Training

We offer custom seminars and training sessions relating to our seismographs, software and the monitoring of vibration effects. If you have a need for a seminar, training or both please contact us.

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