Mini Seis III

Mini-Seis III™

The Mini-Seis III™ is our next generation seismograph.  With this instrument we move into a higher level of engineering vibration monitoring.  While still well suited for blast vibration monitoring, the Mini-Seis III™ is adaptable to many other monitoring situations.  Especially continuous vibration where histogram and waveform data can be combined.


The Mini-Seis™ is the very definition of a great seismograph for an affordable cost.  It is ideal for all kinds of blast vibration monitoring and for most continuous vibration monitoring in bar graph mode.  Rugged, reliable and very easy to use, the Mini-Seis™ sets the standard for value in a seismograph. 


Seismograph Data Analysis™

Version 11 represents the culmination of decades of experience writing software for the downloading and analysis of vibration data.  It is 100% compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Server 2003 and above.  It features a well-designed interface, faster downloading and simplified structure for viewing and printing records.

Alpha-Blast™ Signature Analysis and Vibration Simulation

While electronic detonators have revolutionized blasting, Alpha-Blast™ has revolutionized how electronic detonators are used.  Alpha-Blast™ allows these high precision detonators to be used to their fullest potential by modeling vibration based on layouts and timing.  We were the first to provide a commercial application for analyzing vibration modification through timing.  We are still the best.



Compu-Blast is a very easy program for laying out patterns and calculating timing.  It features the ability to individually load holes, animate timing, summarize data, has a basic blasting log and many other useful reports and analyses. 


Station Box

  • Tamper Resistant Locks
  • Vented/Screened Enclosure
  • Portable
  • Resistant to Infestation
  • Easy to Install
  • Virtually No Assembly Required

Cellular Modem

We resell the Airlink Raven XT and LS300 cellular modems. These modems allow remote access to your seismograph data anywhere the appropriate data service is available.

Satellite Modem

Remote data access will be most economical with a cellular modem. However, cellular data services are not available in some areas. In these cases we may be able to offer a satellite alternative.

Solar Panel

A remote access station will normally need a power source. A solar panel is a common solution. White can provide the appropriate panel size for the parameters.

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