Mini-Seis III™

The Mini-Seis III improves upon the reputation generated by the White Mini-Seis.  It can be used for many types of vibration monitoring, including geotechnical, environmental, blasting and others.

The Mini-Seis III features 4 channels of data, three seismic and one acoustic.  The acoustic channel can be linear overpressure or type 2 A weighted (note: the A weighting is not ANSI certified).

Operating modes include waveform, histogram, histogram/waveform and manual.  The instrument has over 650MB of memory and can store up to 2048 waveform and histogram records.

The Mini-Seis III supports downloading of data via USB to a computer or thumb drive.  It also has RS232 support for remote access through cellular, satellite, WiFi and other methods. Optional GPS is available to store location coordinates and provide highly accurate clock syncing.

Multiple units can be connected together in a master-slave arrangement where the master unit triggers all of the slave units simultaneously. This feature provides a common time base useful for determining propagation velocity, structure phase response and more.

Mini Seis III
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